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Protect your vehicle’s paint. On any given day, your vehicle’s finish is put to the test through harsh weather, debris on the road and everyday use. Get proactive and protect your investment by installing Ultimate Plus Paint Protection Film anywhere it is exposed to damage.

You can have Ultimate Plus Paint Protection Film installed on your new or used vehicle right at the dealership before taking it off the lot. The film does not alter the appearance of your vehicle, or its surface texture, yet offers peace of mind protection against damaging elements.

Ultimate Plus
paint protection Film application

Paint Protection Film Packages and Deals

basic package

Basic package

Partial hood, and partial fenders.

partial front package

Partial front package

Covers the leading 24” of the hood and fenders, the entire painted front bumper, and backs of the painted mirrors.

full front package

Full front package

Covers the entire hood and fenders, backs of the painted mirrors, and the entire painted front bumper.

ultimate package

Ultimate package

Cover the entire car including headlights.

Additional Options





Door edges

Door Edges

Door cups

Door Cups

Rocker panels

Rocker Panels

XPEL ultimate plus paint protection film

Starting at

Xpel ultimate plus paint protection packages

Ceramic Coating and protection

3 year

+ Paint Correction
Starting at:

5 year

+ Paint Correction
Starting at:

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