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Ceramic Coatings
in London, ON

At Auto Trim Design, we believe that your vehicle deserves nothing but the best in protection and enhancement. That’s why we’re excited to introduce you to our Ceramic Coatings—a revolution in automotive care that lasts for years and is incredibly easy to maintain. Whether you’re looking to preserve the pristine condition of your vehicle’s finish, ensure its resilience against the elements, or simply enjoy the unmatched luster, our Ceramic Coatings are the answer.

Our Ceramic Coatings aren’t just your ordinary paint protection—they’re a durable image that endures season after season. Unlike traditional methods, our coatings harness the power of UV light curing, ensuring instant drying and shorter turnaround times. The result? Inks that are not only colorfast, scratch-resistant, and waterproof but also eco-friendly.

Fusion Plus
Ceramic Coatings application

XPEL Fusion Plus

5 year

+ Paint Correction
Starting at:

8 year

+ Paint Correction
Starting at:

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